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Pacman and his promoter should ponder on this

By Mortz Ortigoza 

Psychologically, Manny “Pacman” Pacquaio is a demigod. He is the quintessential Filipino superman except probably Superman’s handsome face.

In terms of popularity before the eyes of his compatriots, he raises more raves and waves than Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Eagles, Switch Foot, Hale, April Boy Regino, Dolphy, and Sex Bombs—all combined.

Name any globe-trotting superstar like Lea Salongga, Paeng Nepomuceno, or Bata Reyes.  Pacman’s popularity will still devour each of them.

He was an icon that made the people of this tropical third world country in the pacific overwhelmed with pride, and who now walk with a ten foot pole before the world.

To hell with our staggering unemployment figure of 35.1 Million (from 15 year-old person above) out of our 84 Million rapidly growing rabbit breeding- inspired population. A modicum per capita income of  $ 1,080 or  P 55,080 (Philippine currency) annually (against  $ 9,067 or P 462,310 as an averaged from neighbor Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore), and a pathetic export revenues of $ 38.6 billion ( against $ 123.5 , $175 and $446 all in millions for Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, respectively) .

But for the still euphoric Filipinos, we got Pacquaio, what do these countries got?

Very funny boy, but that’s reality when one is into hero-worshipped.

When he fought Eric Morales in his rematch last January, all human activity stopped to hum. My younger brother who was in California, USA was hot on the phone checking the whereabouts of my mother in Mlang, Cotabato Province. He chided her because she should be on the bed side of her gravely ill mama (my grandma) who was dying but fought for it because she wanted some last words with my mom.

My mother justifiably told my sibling, that she and my father were waiting for the very late telecast of ABS/CBN’s Pacman-El Terrible clash. Besides, there was no commercial motorized  tricycle to fetch her for my grandma’s house. Every driver was glued on his or his neighbor’s TV set waiting for the replay of each breathless round that was bombarded by the until the kingdom come advertisements.

This phenomenon was an epitome of how Pacmania hijacked the entire country up to now.

It not only smitten those downtrodden at the lower stratum of our society -- where most of our population is located. It also bitten those privilege souls at the middle and upper strata of country—where every politico or business czar with his product wanted to be connected  with him for success.  

The hoi polloi would have a hard on incase he runs for, say, a senatorial seat come next year’s national poll.

He can outmatch those actors-turned-solons like the sorry Lito Lapid and Bong Revilla incase they are required by law to run next year, too. He can outwit them in floor debate if they are required to speak in English. As he intermingles his visayan - american slang accent he got from some boxing training camps somewhere in California.

To the quality of debate that can make this country’s struggling democracy proud, that I am afraid to discuss on this column.

But that’s besides the question to skeptics like me. The dude is the most popular human specie this country ever produces. Everybody turns gaga. And that’s non debate table! 

ABS/CBN’s Gabby Lopez Should heed this 

And this should concern  Mr. Gabby Lopez  , the big boss of the giant TV network ABS/CBN who is the real promoter of Pacquaio- Oscar ”Chololo” Larios spectacle.

It’s not enough your outfit earns hundreds of millions of pesos on this colossal event, it’s not enough that Manny will give away P 2.5 Million free tickets. A minuscule for 250 individuals only who will be given the lowest amount of ticket priced at P1000 each, against the 20 thousand or more spectators who variedly will pay $1000 or P 51,000 , P 25, 000, and to the lowest rate of P 1000.

Basing on the pulses of the people I met, and the sentiments  I read on the forum at Pacland (de facto Pacman’s website), majority of them scoffed on holding the event at Araneta Coliseum.

Millions of these Filipino fans who can afford only to pay, say P100, had long wanted to see their champion in flesh weave and bob from the haymakers of Chololo. It will be the best treat of their life to see how the whirling dervish Pacmonster explodes his left Big Bertha’s gun by turning this Mexican opponent to a taco.                                           

This July 2nd  D-Day is a about seeing their compatriot who once have the same economic story like the penury of the majority. He is everything.

Especially now he is fighting on their backyard-Philippines. No persons -- including those self-declared political saviors -- have ever massage their ego with an orgasmic satisfaction except Pacman, and it will be costly in terms of public opinion for Mr. Lopez of not transferring this venue in an open field like The Fort or Luneta.  His decision to sandbag at Araneta will be self-destructive to the prestige of his network. In the minds and hearts of the many they were already up in arms against ABC/CBN withholding for public scrutiny this national treasure.

By allowing the masses to watch this event on the said field, Mr. Lopez will not only get their goodwill but their gratitude.

All those nightmarish tragedies the Ultra  stampede had produced will diminish if not eventually forgotten because of the open mindedness of Gabby Lopez.

Besides, there is no adverse economic backlash  for him in this venture since he will earn more because of the influx of more paying spectators. As he still maintains those rates he will charge at Araneta.

Is this reasonable, man? 

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