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Name: James Toney
Nickname: "Lights Out"
Birthday: August 24, 1968
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: Cruiserweight (190 lbs)
Reach: ???
Record: 65-4-2 (42 KO)
Championship Record: 10-1-1 (5 KO)
Titles: None


James Toney was one of the best fighters pound-for-pound when Roy Jones Jr. dominated him in 1994. Since that fight, Toney has lost twice to Montell Griffin and has blown up in weight to 190+ pounds. Toney said he is now back and dedicated to winning another title.  A fight with against Vassily Jirov fell through for the summer, so it looks like Toney will have to wait some more before getting a chance to prove himself again.  Toney still has the same skills he had when he was the man at 168 pounds; he is just a tad bit slower and much heavier. Nobody better take Toney lightly or he will do the same thing Virgil Hill did to Fabrice Tiozzo, and shock the world.

Fight Date Opponent Results Location Comments
August 18
Jason Robinson
Temecula, CA
May 31
Michael Rush
TKO 10
Lincoln City, OR
March 22
Sione Asipeli
W 10
Phoenix, AZ
July 20 Wesley Martin KO 3 Compton, CA  
March 29 Saul Montana KO 2 Detroit, MI  
November 3 Courtney Butler KO 3 Verona, WI  
January 21 Terry McGroom W 10 Chicago, IL  
October 8 Ramon Garbey W 10 Taunton, MA  
July 30 Adolpho Washington TKO 10 Ledyard, CT  
March 7 Terry Porter TKO 8 Phoenix, AZ  
June 14 Steve Little W 12 Biloxi, MS  
May 14 Drake Thadzi L 12 Ledyard, CT  
February 22 Mike McCallum W 12 Montville, CT  
December 6 Montell Griffin L 12 Reno, NV  
August 9 Duran Williams TKO 9 Bay St. Louis, MS  
July 2 Charles Oliver W 10 St. Charles, LA  
May 14 Earl Butler TKO 4 Ledyard, CT  
March 1 Richard Mason W 10 Indio, CA  
December 8 Greg Everett KO 2 Ledyard, CT  
September 9 Ernest Mateen W DQ 5 Las Vegas, NV  
June 18 Freddie Delgado TKO 5 New Orleans, LA  
April 30 Anthony Hembrick TKO 6 Las Vegas, NV  
March 20 Karl Willis TKO 8 Auburn Hills, MI  
February 18 Montell Griffin L 12 Las Vegas, NV  
November 18 Roy Jones Jr. L 12 Las Vegas, NV Lost IBF Super Middleweight Title
July 29 Charles Williams KO 12 Las Vegas, NV Retained IBF Super Middleweight Title
May 18 Vinson Durham W 10 Rosemont, IL  
March 5 Tim Littles TKO 4 Los Angeles, CA Retained IBF Super Middleweight Title
January 16 Anthony Hembrick TKO 7 Bushkill, PA  
October 29 Tony Thornton W 12 Tulsa, OK Retained IBF Super Middleweight Title
August 24 Larry Prather W 10 Auburn Hills, MI  
July 29 Danny Garcia TKO 7 Bushkill, PA  
June 6 Glenn Thomas W 10 Las Vegas, NV  
April 17 Ricky Thomas TKO 10 Bushkill, PA  
March 23 Govoner Chavers TKO 9 Auburn Hills, MI  
February 13 Iran Barkley TKO 10 Las Vegas, NV Captured IBF Super Middleweight Title
December 5 Doug DeWitt TKO 6 Atlantic City, NJ  
August 29 Mike McCallum W 12 Reno, NV Retained IBF Middleweight Title
May 26 Ricky Stackhouse KO 3 Auburn Hills, MI  
April 11 Glenn Wolfe W 12 Las Vegas, NV Retained IBF Middleweight Title
February 8 Dave Tiberi W 12 Atlantic City, NJ Retained IBF Middleweight Title
December 13 Mike McCallum D 12 Atlantic City, NJ Retained IBF Middleweight Title
October 12 Francesco Dell'Aquila TKO 4 Monte Carlo, Monaco Retained IBF Middleweight Title
June 29 Reggie Johnson W 12 Las Vegas, NV Retained IBF Middleweight Title
May 10 Michael Nunn TKO 11 Davenport, IA Captured IBF Middleweight Title
March 31 Alberto Gonzalez TKO 5 Las Vegas, NV  
January 13 Merqui Sosa W 12 Atlantic City, NJ  
December 10 Jose Silva TKO 5 Dearborn, MI  
October 17 Sanderline Williams W 10 Dearborn, MI  
August 24 Kevin Brazier TKO 2 Dearborn, MI  
July 26 Sanderline Williams D 10 Dearborn, MI  
June 27 Ricardo Bryant TKO 4 Dearborn, MI  
May 23 Horacio Brandon KO 2 Auburn Hills, MI  
April 27 Jose Esteven TKO 5 Atlantic City, NJ  
April 5 Toby Tyler TKO 5 Auburn Hills, MI  
March 1 Philip Morefield KO 1 Auburn Hills, MI  
January 20 Danny Thomas W 8 Auburn Hills, MI  
November 29 Joe Johnson KO 4 Auburn Hills, MI  
November 13 Ron Amundsen W 10 Milwaukee, WI  
October 26 Robert Clinton KO 1 Atlantic City, NJ  
October 12 Ricardo Simpson KO 2 Auburn Hills, MI  
September 21 Joe Summers KO 2 Atlantic City, NJ  
September 7 Lemark Davis W 6 Auburn Hills, MI  
July 20 Mark Stevens KO 2 Detroit, MI  
June 6 Steve Chaney KO 1 Memphis, TN  
May 2 Arthur Willis W 4 Memphis, TN  
February 16 James Fernandez W 4 Sterling Heights, MI  
January 17 Sammy Jenkins TKO 4 Sterling Heights, MI  
January 10 Carl Penn KO 1 Memphis, TN  
December 6 Ronnie Yoe KO 1 Memphis, TN  
October 26 Stephen Lee KO 2 Clemens, MO  

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